Newness is in eternity and the passing moment

And a challenge because it requires acceptance of potential errors.

Because perhaps in the New we will find something offensive, painful, wrong, to be avoided.  And because of that, we, like the fly “Fear”, will try to nourish ourselves on shit and will spend our days buzzing around carcasses. Alive but not living.

There can also be an equation with discomfort to Newness.  Uncomfortableness – the humans want no itches, pains, bad thoughts or scary feelings – it is uncomfortable.

Etymologically speaking:
Un = Not
Com = beside
Fort = A fortified place
Able = Possible

Fears of discomfort guard the gates of newness behind which lie all the things, the firsts, the ‘aha’s!, the tools which we can now finally wield with confidence.

Always there in eternity and hence in every passing moment.

Deep in the wild mountains,
is a strange marketplace,
where you can
trade the hassle and noise of
everyday life, for eternal