Quite a few years ago Nicola Winborn of Marsh Flower Gallery initiated, poured time into and lifted up a large-scale collaboration between herself and artists from all over the world.

The tie she used to bind this project is color.  There have been many rounds and for each one – Nicola shares a color with those who may want to participate.   Each artist sends Nicola 20 eight-by-five-inch works on paper which she compiles and edits into an assembling zine, Attic Zine.  One of the most lovely pages in the Zine is a piece from Nicola.

Blue Madonna's Raven

The most recent Attic Zine round, ‘Blue’, was one of my most meditative and interesting projects of any kind to date.  I knew as soon as Nicola shared the color for this round would be blue that I wanted to do blue on black.  (Black paper has always been a favorite of mine.)

My drawings for this round were done during the lock-down months of COVID and for me reflect the great quiet and stillness that covered the land for a few months.  The drop in the noise and activity levels in my highly touristed neighborhood were rather astounding and certainly extraordinary for this very happily introverted artist.  The “Blue Madonnas” came out quite easily during this time and still comfort me in a strange but honest way.

ϖ  See peacocks, ravens, and silent women in the quiet night  ϖ